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post spray tan care and what not to do for a flawless glow

Post-Spray Tan Care: What Not to Do for a Flawless Glow

Post-Spray Tan Care: What Not to Do for a Flawless Glow 1920 1080 natalia

Post-Spray Tan Care: Introduction

Congratulations! You’ve just treated yourself to a fabulous spray tan, and you’re ready to showcase that gorgeous sun-kissed glow. However, to ensure your spray tan looks flawless and lasts as long as possible, there are some important do’s and don’ts to keep in mind. In this blog post, we’ll focus on what you should avoid doing after a spray tan to maintain that radiant look and get the most out of your investment.

Avoid Water and Moisture for the First Few Hours

Immediately after your spray tan, it’s crucial to avoid any contact with water or moisture. This includes avoiding showers, swimming, sweating excessively, or any activity that might cause you to get wet. The first 6-8 hours after your spray tan are critical, as the tan needs time to develop and bond with your skin. Moisture can disrupt this process, leading to uneven results.

Say No to Tight Clothing

While your spray tan is still developing, it’s essential to avoid tight clothing, especially those made from synthetic materials like nylon or spandex. Tight clothes can rub against the skin and cause the tan to smudge or become uneven. Opt for loose, dark-colored attire to prevent any potential mishaps.

Skip the Gym (For Now)

As tempting as it may be to hit the gym and show off your beautiful tan, it’s best to avoid intense physical activities right after your spray tan. Sweating can lead to uneven fading and may also cause the tan to streak. Give your tan enough time to set and avoid working out for at least 24 hours after your session.

Avoid Exfoliating and Shaving

Exfoliating is a big no-no after getting a spray tan. Scrubs, loofahs, and harsh exfoliants can strip away the outer layer of your skin, taking your tan with it. Similarly, shaving can also remove the tan prematurely. If you need to shave, do so before your spray tan appointment and refrain from doing it again until your tan has fully developed.

Stay Away from Oily or Alcohol-Based Products

Certain skincare products can accelerate the fading of your spray tan. Avoid using oil-based or alcohol-based products, as they can break down the tan and cause it to fade unevenly. Opt for oil-free, gentle, and hydrating products to extend the life of your tan.

Be Cautious with Chlorine and Saltwater

Swimming pools and saltwater can be harsh on your spray tan. Chlorine and salt can dry out the skin, leading to faster fading. If you must take a dip, make sure to rinse off afterward with fresh water and gently pat your skin dry.

Avoid Prolonged Sun Exposure

Yes, you have a beautiful tan, but that doesn’t mean you’re protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Your spray tan does not provide any sun protection, so be sure to apply sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher whenever you’re exposed to sunlight. Prolonged sun exposure can cause your tan to fade faster and may lead to sunburn.


Taking care of your spray tan is crucial to ensure a flawless, long-lasting glow. By avoiding water, tight clothing, excessive sweating, and harsh skincare products, you’ll give your tan the best chance to develop beautifully. Remember, your spray tan is an investment in feeling confident and radiant, so follow these post-tan care tips to keep that glow going strong! Enjoy your fabulous tan and the compliments that are sure to follow! If you’re ready to book your next spray tan, call or text us at (718) 704-3389, or book online here.

4 Main Reasons to Consider Laser Hair Removal

4 Main Reasons to Consider Laser Hair Removal

4 Main Reasons to Consider Laser Hair Removal 1920 1080 natalia

Laser Hair Removal vs. Waxing

If you’re having trouble managing unwanted body hair, you may have heard that laser hair removal is a better option than waxing. This is true, and here’s why:

Laser Hair Removal Is More Permanent

Laser hair removal is an increasingly popular option for long-term body hair removal because it offers better and longer-lasting results than waxing. Laser hair removal destroys hairs with heat energy, and treatments can greatly reduce the amount of hair you have or completely eliminate it depending on your specific needs. Waxing, on the other hand, is temporary and only removes the hair from the skin’s surface without affecting the root or follicle.

Laser Hair Removal Is Less Painful

Waxing involves pulling of the hairs directly from the follicles, which can be a painful process. Laser hair removal, however, uses concentrated light to target and weaken the hair follicle, minimizing pain. This makes it a much more pleasant experience and one that you can go through with much more confidence.

Laser Hair Removal Is Faster

With waxing, each hair needs to be manually pulled out which can take a lot of time and is often very labor-intensive. Laser hair removal, however, can treat an entire area in one to three sessions, depending on the size and thickness of the area being treated. This makes the process much faster and more efficient.

Laser Hair Removal Is Easier

Once you have done a series of sessions, you will only need to come in for a touch up session which can be once a year! With Waxing, you will need to do it all the time and hair will continue to come back.

Laser Hair Removal at Glow 2 Go

Glow 2 Go offers one of the industry’s best hair removal machines. Its cooling tip will help eliminate much of the pain involved with Laser Hair Removal. Many of our clients do not feel anything at all! Click here to learn more about our laser hair removal services in NYC and book your next appointment today!

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