How to Keep Your Teeth White After A Teeth Whitening Treatment

How to Keep Your Teeth White After A Teeth Whitening Treatment

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What Precautions Should I Take After Teeth Whitening?

Depending on the type of teeth whitening procedure, as well as a client’s genetics and the types of foods they eat, typical teeth whitening treatments will last for up to 3-6 months. It is also important that patients follow proper dental care protocol in order to prolong the longevity of their teeth’s whiteness. In most cases, teeth whitening aftercare requires minimal effort. Many people see success by using the recommended take-home whitening kits and attending regularly scheduled dental appointments. Still, there are certain precautions to take in order to prevent re-staining and to keep your smile as bright as can be.

Avoid Consuming Cold and Hot Meals

It is common for patients’ teeth to feel sensitive after a teeth whitening procedure. While Glow 2 Go’s teeth whitening treatments do not cause sensitivity, it is still generally advisable to avoid eating excessively hot or cold foods like hot soup or cold ice cream immediately after a teeth whitening appointment. Patients typically have no problem eating these types of food later on post treatment, but it’s a good idea to avoid them initially.

Stay Away From Eating Acidic Foods

Individuals should avoid consuming lemons, limes, pickles, tomatoes, soda, and other acidic foods and drinks as part of their aftercare routine. Typical teeth whitening may cause the pores or tubules of teeth enamel to open and weaken, making them more susceptible to staining. While Glow 2 Go’s teeth whitening treatments are all natural, and therefore will not weaken enamel, it is still a good idea to adhere to these general guidelines as a rule.

Skip Foods that Contain Artificial Coloring

The first 48 hours after a teeth whitening procedure are crucial for determining how successful the treatment will be. During this period, teeth are exceptionally prone to stains from foods containing artificial coloring. If you want to achieve the best possible whitening results and keep your teeth as white as possible for as long as possible, avoid using tobacco (smoking and chewing) and eating/drinking artificially colored foods and drinks. Some of the popular culprits include sauces and additives (e.g. soy sauce, hot sauce, etc.), chocolate, coffee, tea, wine, and sugary candy.

What Can You Eat?

Now that you are familiar with what not to eat after your teeth whitening treatment, it’s also important to know that there are plenty of foods you can have to maintain your bright smile! Recommended items include green beans, carrots, celery, apples, and other fruits and vegetables. These foods enhance the production and flow of saliva. In addition to naturally cleaning teeth, saliva also helps counteract acids.

Digging into a nice big salad? That’s great, but it probably has some dark, leafy green vegetables that could stain your teeth. Just be sure to rinse after your meal to avoid stains. Another tip: make sure you get enough calcium and iron to keep your teeth strong and healthy.

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